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Angel Touch Massage

February 25th, 2011

Welcome to Mistress Lotus Asian Massage Studios for your unique and  exhilarated  massage. The beautiful, talented Chinese & Japanese massueses are accommodating to your specific needs and desires. Foot Massage

Mistress Lotus and her team can treat you a luxurious pampering massage session or a mindblowing sensual kinkassage session, which is the exploration of the senses comprised of sensation play, fetish play and massage.  Kinkassage is the specialty at Lotus Studio,

Your kinkassage can be given in artistically equipped studio rooms,  which is in tasteful art, soothing music and candle lights. The walls are covered in large mirrors so you can watch the sexy masseuses working on your tight muscles.

 The massage rooms are always warm and cozy, the oil and masseuses are always hot.

Whichever you choose,  you’ll feel exhilarated and refreshed at our service, we are confident you will  become our return clients!


-Mistress Lotus  


Domination And Fetishes

September 13th, 2010

You want to be dominated, but you want the best. You need to be properly and thoroughly disciplined in ways that only a skillful professional dominatrix can think of.   

Then welcome to the dungeon of the beautiful, poised Oriental dominatrix, Mistress Lotus. domination and fetish

Mistress Lotus’ Dungeon is completely equipped with the best BDSM accessories. Great effort has been made to build a high reputation and the facilities as well.

I hope novices and beginners could know better about our service which is offered at Lotus’ studio by this way;  I want the visitors and potential customers can read more juicy  session reviews, also I sincerely hope my clients could share your real session experience you had with all the Mistresses at Lotus’ studio,

I will update new pictures and videos to my website  every 1-2 months.

Thanks for paying attention and please leave  your comments here.

-Mistress Lotus



Mistress Lotus- Foot Worship, Trampling and Smothering

July 11th, 2010

Are you a foot lover?  Have you ever had a chance to worship a Asian Goddess’s  sexy feet and ass ?  Foot Worship and Trampling

 My feet have a lovely smell and taste, more  like a  blooming rose  and the essence of an expensive red wine!   My foot slave will tell you it is the truth!  If you are fantasizing to worship the suprior Chinese princess,  and get the proper training  to become  a better  foot slave of your mistress, then schedule your appoitment to start the training lesson now!  

 if   i’ m well pleased by your improved  skill,  then you wiill be rewarded to  taste my  delious toes.  otherwise you will be humuliated and punished   as my  foot rest or a piece of human furniture,     i will  trample on your whole body with my high heels ;  squeez you with my bare toes  and smother  with my sexy, well-turned   ass…

-Mistress Lotus



Mistress Lotus Love playing with Newbies

May 31st, 2010

Never had a taste of the candy, and now you’ve been thrown into a delicious candy store!   Never submitted? Dominated?  Bottomed?  It’s okay. Human ashtray and ball kicking

No labels here, just a curiosity about what all this is. Education,  awareness and exchanging information were my intentions when I started this post and a bit of flirty fun thrown in too.  I have so many brand new clients, they have never done this or been to a professional Dom before, but they are very curious and want to explore their another side of sensuality, their fantasies and fetishes.

For this reason, I posted this discussion for first timers to share their feelings before and after their visiting at  Lotus’ studio.  I’ m very experienced and  love sessioning with newbies ! Thank you for joining us!

-Mistress Lotus



Sadists and Masochists

March 27th, 2010

In  BDSM community,  there are many  players like  receiving corporal punishment,  and heavy torment,  Bondage and Torment    

 they enjoy the rush,   the endorphin release,  an experienced and skilled dominatrix can gradually build them up untill reach this sub space ,  when a sub stays in this condition,  they feel high, floating and bluring,  pain could be  a kind  of rush and  pleasure . 

  Are you a Sadist or a Masochist ?

What kind of pain and torment do you like:  sharp, stingy,  thuddy,  dull,  burning,  biting,  long lasting or  short lived?

  How do you prefer  your mistress  to deliver and administer the pain to your body?

Would you like to share your experience  to the people who has the similiar interests like yours ?

-Mistress Lotus



Mistress Lotus’ Tickling Torture

February 20th, 2010

Are you ticklish?   have you ever been  firmly restrained and mercilessly  tickled by a beautiful but cruel  Chinese tickler? a birthday gift for Mistress Lotus

If  you are still dreaming about it, then  don’t be hesitated,  come to Mistress Lotus’  tickle chamber,   your fantasies will be well satisfied.  After you are strictly bound to a stock,  mummified by Saran wrap,  or suspended in the air,  i will   gag you  or blindfold you to increase the intensity.  then i will explore all your  sensitive and ticklish areas,   i will take full advantage of your immobility  and   tickle you  mercilessly again and again all over your ticklish spots…  i will absolutely ingnore your struggling, crying and begging,   your suffering is your mistress’  great pleasure!  i will continue to tickle  torture you with an evil smile untill you piss on the pants!!!

You can find intense Tickling torture videos  at my webstore:   http://www.clips4sale.com/store/29586

-Mistress Lotus




Ms Lotus Enjoys Sessioning With Couples

February 3rd, 2010

One of my favorite type of  session is playing with couple,  it’s fun and also is a big turn on for me,  it also is a great oppotunity for the couples to learn and get some  training  about how to play kinky and safe with an experienced pro dominatrix,  Mistress Lotus sessioning with couples 

 they can play each other or one of them assist me to dominate his (her) partner,  they are no exact rules how a couple should play,  the truth is they can  play freely in any way they desire to .

Sometimes  when a couple  just arrive at my dungeon,  the lady seems always  looks  shy and nervous,  but after the session ,  she  always  looks so relaxed  and with a big sweet smile on her face.

Most female clients are  not into hardcore discipline, they more prefer erotic teasing,  light flogging, clamps, viberator stimulating and  sensual electric play,  when in bondage they  really enjoy the feeling of being helpless and want  to be “taken advantage and get used” by their mistress during a session.

If you have female partners like to explore  the erotic and thrilling BDSM experience,  please feel free to contact with me and give your lovers  a try.  fun always at Lotus ‘ studio.

-Mistress Lotus



Cross Dressing and Feminization Fetish

January 13th, 2010

 If you are a feminization lover or a cross-dresser, you would like gender role play,  deeply in your mind you  regard yourself as a elegant or sluty woman,  feminization and crossdressing

you may already have a great cllection of  female clothing ,  panties , bras,  high heel shoes and make up,  but you need the oppotunity to get dress up, to show off and present yourself as a beautiful lady to the people you can trust ,  then come to Mistress Lotus’ dungeon, this is a mystious fantasy land,  at here all your sweet dreams will be brought to truth  by the talented mistresses.

You will be so surprised to see yourself turning  to a beautiful and attractive woman in the mirror after make up is applied on your face. following you will get proper training to become a more attractive lady.

If you are still hesitated to move forward to this step,  please listen to what other cross dressers  say about their experience at Lotus’ dungeon. do you think they look pretty in the photos ?

-Mistress Lotus



Miss Katherine

August 27th, 2009

Miss Katherine  is my best friend ,  she  is a very  intelligent and beautiful lady,  i always enjoy the time hanging around with her or video with her together.   

 She has been  modeling and  producing   fetish videos  about 10 years,  she enjoys  eploring different fetishes , modeling,  filming and very successful with her businesses as well.  you can find more information about  Miss Kat at her personal website.         http://katsurth.multiply.com/     Miss Katherine

Ms Katherine has  silky sexy feet and slicky body,  and is very skillful and  specialized in full body shaving with straight razor.

 If you are interested in having your whole body or parcial body nicely shaved,  or worshipping her delicious toes,  or perhaps want to be tickled tortured and feminized by Miss Katherine,   please make a  contact with Mistress Lotus few days ahead of time.

Ms Katherine newly produced a film titled ” ESCAPE” ,  Lotus and Kat are the prison guards in the movie,  you will see the wonderful forced hair cutting , head  shaving and electricity execution scenes,  you can find the movie preview on Video Page-video with Mistress Lotus.

-Mistress Lotus



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